START HERE to take charge of your health.

Have you tried

  • functional medicine
  • cleanses and juicing
  • probiotics and supplements
  • fasting and medical diets
  • acupuncture and chiropractic care
  • meditation and therapy
  • energy work
  • biohacking

... and you still suffer from

  • gut dysfunction
  • exhaustion
  • food and chemical sensitivities
  • skin, joint, and bone issues
  • anxiety, depression
  • liver and gallbladder stagnation
  • brain fog
  • hormone distortion
  • under or overweight
  • aging in fast forward
  • chronic pain
  • mystery symptoms

... then it's time for root cause medicine.

Hey there! We're Sinclair and Michael, and we are so excited to open our clinic to you from the comfort of your home. We struggled for decades with our own mysterious, untreatable misdiagnosed conditions. We had to become our own experts at removing toxic stressors in order to heal.

Our methods are unique, specific and have helped over 10,000 people, globally. We are so happy to share our proven systems with you!

Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC is an award winning expert on resolving chronic digestive conditions, EMF trainer, nutrition consultant, sought after speaker, and CEO of Detox RejuveNation™️.

Michael Spandel is Chief Research Officer and co-founder of Detox RejuveNation™️, EMF trainer, and expert resolving root causes of chronic illness.

Both Sinclair and Michael began their careers helping people in mental health, and became too chronically ill to continue running their practices. Years of visiting specialists provided no answers - so Michael searched 5 continents for solutions. He discovered that heavy metals, mold, chemical exposures and EMFs had made them sick. Their health improved as they began to address these root causes, and they've helped thousands of clients and students to do the same.
Sinclair & Michael

Resolve the Root Causes of Your Health Issues for Good

We have spent over a decade designing protocols and developing programs that allow our clients to start the healing process from the comfort of their own homes.

Large Group


In 8 weeks, learn to remove hidden stressors, and rebuild the gut with Rapid Gut Reset.

Reverse chronic gut conditions by removing toxins, mold, and parasites. 

When conventional and functional medicine are no longer enough:

This is your opportunity to receive live training for DIY protocols and at-home therapies, with step-by-step instructions to become the CEO of your own health.

Rapid Gut Reset is the program that you need to resolve the chronic issues that have plagued your sleep, mood and digestion.



Small Group


6 Month membership for releasing chronic conditions and reclaiming vitality.

The Inner Circle Vault and your Success Path guide this deep healing experience.

Attend Office Hours with Sinclair and Michael for inspiration and rapid fire Q and A.

Reserve small group breakouts to get input and feedback on your protocol from Michael.

Connect with peers in who are on this journey with you, and get what you're going through.

Share and problem solve with with friends and our team of coaches in the Community Forum.
Apply to be consider for one of these limited spots.




Resolve your complex health issues with highly individualized private care. 

Are you exceptionally motivated, and ready to reclaim your high performance life?

Work directly with Sinclair and Michael to address the root causes driving your symptoms. 

Receive personalized environmental mitigation guidance, food recommendations, rapid change work therapies, and personalized protocols to optimize your vitality.

Talk to a team member today, to discuss if individual support is right for you. Our waitlist is often several months long, so get in early.


Detox Rejuvenation™️

“I was super hesitant signing up for this course. It’s the most I have ever invested into my health all at once, but I knew in my gut that it was right. After starting the protocol I am shocked to see parasites every day. I find relief and huge wins each day, and each week in my mental and physical state. My family can already tell a HUGE difference and I am getting myself back piece by piece. I can dream about my future again and that in itself is a gift.”

Rapid Gut Reset Participant 2023

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“I wish I had this information ten years ago when I started untangling this mystery. I probably would have saved myself thousands of dollars chasing supplements that have been helpful, but not the solution! Thanks so much for offering this opportunity to learn at such a high level. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

Rapid Liver Reset Participant 2022

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“Love, love, love Sinclair and Michael’s courses. By far, the best value compared to anything or anyone else that I’ve spent money on over my 25 year health journey.”

Private VIP

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“It's so cool to have all these resources to choose from and to feel like the needed answers are already here. I also appreciate the abundance of the information and the format and layers of support!”

Inner Circle Member

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“I actually am healing MUCH faster than I expected and am genuinely feeling better already. I haven't had this kind of energy in a l-o-n-g time. I had no idea how much my liver and gut issues were affecting me until I finally got out from under them. This course is seriously worth it.”

Rapid Liver Reset Participant 2022

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“I am slowly learning all the ins and outs, and everything that is available to us, especially the community forum! Fellow students and grads are so supportive, and I feel like all my questions will be answered! I love how everything is put into small snippets so that if we struggle with brain fog we can get quick and clear answers. Videos and timed answers within the videos are especially helpful. Thanks to everyone that is making this possible.”

Rapid Reset Grad, Detox Nation Member

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“While I still have a ways to go health-wise, I've been at this for close to 20 years. I can say that even though I still consider myself a chronically ill person, I'm probably healthier in ways that I never was before I was aware I was even sick. I'm eternally grateful for Sinclair and Michael's program - as it's helped glue a lot of information together in a way I never would have fully absorbed or gained a consistency in compliance (or just 'buy in'). Cheers to us becoming the best versions of ourselves we can be!”

Rapid Liver Reset Participant 2022

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“I am so thankful for Rapid Gut Reset, and for all the help your team has provided. Michael and Sinclair helped me address areas I never knew needed to be addressed, and the training provided was invaluable. I
have watched the videos multiple times to ensure I didn't miss anything. Your enthusiasm, unique personalities, and the moral support you offered all contributed to making this experience a great joy. I am truly grateful for all the hard work and dedication that the team has put in to make the platforms easier to use and to continuously find ways to make them better. Your efforts greatly made a big impact.”

Rapid Gut Reset Participant 2023

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“You’ve created such an incredible community with such depth, wealth of honed knowledge, and a tremendously supportive culture. What a gift to us all. With masses of appreciation and blessings to you and your wonderful, dedicated, caring team. What a tremendous service your work is to those of us on this long and layered path.”

Inner Circle Member

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