Exclusively for Rapid Gut Reset & Rapid Liver Reset Students:

Detox Nation: Inner Circle

Protocol Support Breakout Sessions + Small Group to Reclaim Your Health

Starts March 23, 2023

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Limited spots...  only a few left!









There are only a few spots left in Inner Circle!
Once full, you can reach out to our team to join the wait list. 

Want more time and support to work on your health goals?

If you've made progress, but you still want support with ongoing issues like these:

    • liver & gb congestion
    • bloating 
    • acid reflux
    • nausea
    • skin conditions and rashes
    • food sensitivities

  • mold exposure
  • brain fog
  • anxiety
  • excess weight OR underweight
  • feeling irritable or quick to anger
  • chronic inflammation
  • parasites
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • histamine sensitivities 
  • difficulty digesting fats
  • chemical sensitivities
  • sleep issues


Get custom protocol support to fit your needs.

It's Time to Address the Real Root Causes of Your Health Issues so Your Body Can Heal Itself.

You've gotten a lot out of Rapid Gut Reset and Rapid Liver Reset, but you know you'd like more structure, individual attention, and ongoing support. 

Detox Nation: Inner Circle makes use of your Rapid Reset courses, and supports you in a small group format to:

✓ Remove the hidden stressors and power drains that keep your body from healing itself 

✓ Rebuild the gut from top to bottom, mouth to colon

✓ Reset the microbiome to heal gut motility 

✓ Support liver and lymph flow

✓ Reduce your fatigue and anxiety

✓ End the day with energy to spare

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Introducing Inner Circle...

Monthly Membership of Small Group Support To Finally Stop the Cycle of Irritation and Flares Slowing Down Your Healing & Digestion Distress, Brain Fog, & Fatigue. 

Get Michael's input on your protocol in each breakout session.

You value the Rapid Reset protocols, but you'd love to get help tailoring them just to you! 

One monthly 30 minute breakout session with two of your peers to review your your support tools, introduce new ones, and prepare your body for the next stages of healing. 

Guaranteed to get questions answered.

One monthly group office hours with both Sinclair and Michael. Submit your protocol, root cause, and diet questions ahead of time, and everyone in the group gets at least one question handled. 

Attend live to enjoy the group vibe, or catch the replay.

Reclaim energy and vitality as you rebuild.

Progress, here you come.

Understand the tools you have and how to use them, so you're in control of your own destiny.

Get insights for yourself in the small group setting.


Plus, You'll be With People Who Get You, So You Don't Have to Do This Alone.    

Make lasting changes with our help and the support of your fellow resetters in a private group of just 8-10 on live, intimate calls. Get your questions answered, problem solve, and learn our tips and tricks to make the most of your protocol & individualize it to your needs. You'll be a part of our community that's growing and healing together.

Here's What Experts Are Saying

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“I’m very impressed by what Sinclair and Michael have put together: VERY cutting edge. Absolutely nothing else like it out there!
I can already feel that it’s been a game changer for me
(and probably for everyone else who follows through).”

women's health expert, multiple New York Times best-selling author, one of Oprah's Super Soul 100

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“ I was wrecked with severe chronic fatigue, gut pain and bloating that was so unbearable and almost career-ending. I spent a significant amount of money bouncing from physician to physician to get well with nothing to show for it.

Since working with Michael & Sinclair, in a short amount of time I’ve had bigger and better results following their system than with any other protocol. Within weeks I was starting to feel like an actual human being again. This is everything.”

Millennial Health

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“When you find healers who know exactly what to do and sincerely “get it” there is a wave of relief that runs through your being. That is how I felt the first time I met Sinclair and Michael. They have not disappointed. They have exceeded my high expectations consistently. What a blessing to have finally found them!”

TV host, author of Healing SIBO, creator behind the docuseries Digestion SOS: Rescue and Relief for IBS, SIBO, and Leaky Gut

Hey you! You already know us, Sinclair and Michael, and how we struggled for decades with our own mysterious, untreatable misdiagnosed conditions.  We had to become our own experts at removing toxic stressors in order to heal.

Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC is an award winning expert on resolving chronic digestive conditions, EMF trainer, nutrition consultant, sought after speaker, and CEO of Detox Rejuvenation.

Michael Spandel is Chief Research Officer and co-founder of Detox RejuveNation, EMF trainer, and expert resolving root causes of chronic illness.

Both Sinclair and Michael began their careers helping people in mental health, and became too chronically ill to continue running their practices. Years of visiting specialists provided no answers - so Michael searched 5 continents for solutions. He discovered that heavy metals, mold, chemical exposures and EMFs had made them sick. Their health improved as they began to address these root causes. They've now helped thousands of clients and students to do the same.
Sinclair & Michael

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What's Included In Detox Nation: Inner Circle?

    • 1 monthly Office Hour call with Sinclair and Michael
    • 1 monthly 30-min breakout session with Michael (max 3 members per session)
    • Opportunity to purchase 30-min individual touch base sessions with Michael, as his schedule allows, for lab reviews and/or for individual time to help tailor your Rapid Reset protocol to you specifically
Detox Rejuvenation™️

“I thought I was stuck with my histamine food issues for life and my liver flares were starting to scare me. I felt relief in the first week!
Thank you for the way you laid everything out.
Each step of the way, you made it easy. Grateful for you two!!”

founder, Doula Academy

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“I have literally gotten out thousands of liver and gallstones with Sinclair and Michael's protocols. This has been a gamechanger for me in every area of my life.

I had no idea just how much my liver and gut issues were affecting me until I finally got out from under them. This is seriously worth it.”

cofounder, Thiefels Consulting

Detox Rejuvenation™️

“Best decision I made this year was doing your program! I've tried so many detoxes and cut out so many foods I was at the end of my rope. I needed to hear the way you explained it all, it finally made sense to me why the other things I had tried just hadn't worked.

I'm less reactive, have more energy, and I continue to see improvement. Thank you Sinclair!”

CEO, Powers Media

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Limited spots...  Sign up for Inner Circle by Friday March 10th, 2023

This limited time offer is a fantastic opportunity to make use of the tools taught in Rapid Gut Reset and Rapid Liver Reset with further guidance. You must sign up by March 10th 2023 to get this special offer. 

Limited Spots

Detox Nation: Inner Circle, Small Group Support


Monthly Membership, Minimum 3 Month Commitment
Reserve your spot in the Inner Circle! Once full, membership invite is by waitlist only.

  1. 1 Monthly Group Office Hour calls with Sinclair + Michael $3000
  2. 1 Monthly Breakout Session with Michael $597
  3. Opportunity to schedule individual touch bases with Michael (fee not included)

Vitality is your natural state. Joy is your birthright.


How to know if you’re ready to reset your digestion, release your liver and gallbladder stagnation, and reclaim your energy:

  1. You're just getting started on your detox journey, and you want to do it the right way with protocols that are science-based and actually work.
  2. You've been working on your health for a while, and are committed to releasing your chronic symptoms and through deep work.
  3. You're already eating well, taking care of yourself, and taking supplements, but you're not seeing the progress that you expected. You've plateaued and you want solutions that last.
  4. You're freaked out by the 1,000,000 toxicant particles coming at your body every day, and the 20,000 different chemical substances that your body is housing and has to work hard to manage.
  5. You're ready for more ENERGY and want to amplify your divine spark. 
  6. You know that no one's going to do this for you. You're in the driver's seat, and you're the one that decides how good you get to have it.

If you said Yes to any of these, we look forward to seeing you in the Inner Circle.

Spots are limited ...

To keep this experience intimate and ensure that each person gets questions answered on every Office Hour call, there's only 10 spots. Join us today!

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There are only a few spots left in Inner Circle!

Once full, you can reach out to our team to join the wait list.